UV Light Installation

Do you suffer from allergies? Learn how a UV light can improve air quality.

Prevent the spread of germs and allergens, deter mold and fungal growth, and achieve cleaner air by having a professional install a UV light in your HVAC system.


Lakeland UV Light Installation and Service Specialists

An ultraviolet light is a great addition to any air conditioning or heating unit, whether electric or gas, and whether it is a new unit you’re having installed, or an existing unit.

We use Fresh-Aire UV lights because of their quality and durability.UV Light Installation Lakeland

The benefits of UV lights are numerous:

  • Prevents the spread of germs and allergens
  • Keeps AC coils clean
  • Sterilizes and purifies the air
  • Kills odor-causing bacteria
  • Prevents mold and fungal growth
  • Extends the life of your air system
  • Helps prevent drain system blockages

Although helpful for allergy and asthma sufferers, everyone benefits from cleaner air. The Environmental Protection Agency reports that indoor air pollution can be as much as five times worse than outside air.

Breathe Easier
Let us create a healthier indoor environment by installing a UV light in your air conditioning system. Call today to schedule an appointment for one of our Lakeland AC repair experts to inspect your system and recommend a Fresh-Aire UV light that will meet your family’s needs.

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