Lakeland Air Conditioner Repair / Replacement

Lakeland Air Conditioner Repair

Is your air conditioner not working or in need of repairs?
Let Eichenberger & Sons help.

Our Lakeland air conditioning repair technicians are experts at inspecting your system and making necessary repairs to keep you cool during the sweltering summer months.


Lakeland Air Conditioner Repair

Let’s face it: summertime in Florida is not the place you want to be if you don’t have an air conditioning system that works properly. Performing routine checks and maintenance not only helps ensure it remains in good working condition. It can help extend the life of your unit. Systems that include a heat pump should be checked and serviced twice a year, while straight cool systems should be inspected and serviced annually.

We will perform the following when we service your air conditioning system:

  • Clean coils
  • Flush drain lines
  • Clean and flush pan
  • Check for algae buildup and remove, if necessary
  • Check all components
  • Perform a run test on the unit
  • Inspect motors and compressors to ensure they’re drawing proper amps
  • Check refrigerant charge on the equipment
  • Check for air leaks in ductwork and on the unit

Lakeland AC serviceAir Conditioning Repairs
We approach every repair job with quality and longevity in mind. We do not cut corners. For that reason, we use high quality replacement parts from the original equipment manufacturer to ensure durability. While these parts often have a higher initial cost, you ultimately will reap money-saving benefits because they are designed to last longer.

We keep quality in mind each step of the way, right down to the type of duct tape we use on your system. We use high quality acrylic tape because it seals better and lasts longer.

Air Conditioning Replacement
Our air conditioning units come from manufacturers with well-known brands such as American Standard (Trane) and Reem. They have earned favorable ratings from consumer guides and come with strong warranties.

We know from the serviceability and installation of these brands that they are better units for homeowners and businesses.

The steps involved in air conditioning replacement differ depending on whether you need a vertical or horizontal unit. But typically, we will perform the following when installing your new unit:

  • Install a new pan, pad and blocks beneath the unit
  • Install a new float switch in the pan to shut off if it overflows
  • Replace the thermostat
  • Replace copper lines and thermostat wires if needed
  • Retrofit to existing ductwork unless otherwise requested
  • Check for proper airflow from all vents

We Register Your Warranty
How many warranty cards have you gotten with products and never filled out, only to regret it when something goes wrong with that item? That won’t happen with your air conditioning unit because we register the extended 10-year warranty for every unit we sell and install. We also will mail you the warranty certificate.

You will benefit from this even if we’re no longer your provider. You can ensure your warranty is good, should your unit break down. 

Unit Relocation
When replacing your air conditioning unit, we can relocate it from an attic to a garage or outdoor location. We also can resize your ductwork to accommodate a new unit to ensure your new system runs efficiently, controls humidity and cools your house or business evenly.

Custom Applications
We can customize your residential or commercial air conditioning unit by adding additional thermostats to individually control the temperature in different areas of a home or business.

When to Replace Your Unit
Although you can extend the life of your unit by having routine checks and maintenance performed, we recommend that you replace your unit about every 15 years. The technology changes at a pace that in this timeframe, the money you spend on a new unit quickly will be recouped in the form of energy savings and decreased repair costs.


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