About Eichenberger & Sons


Eichenberger and Sons started in September 1945.  Our founder, Ralph Eichenberger, gained his experience in the military.  Ralph began sheet metal working in France while serving in World War II. His responsibilities included the fabrication and installation of parts for warplanes.  Later, Ralph used his military experience to open his first air conditioning company in Michigan.

In 1980, Ralph’s son, Tim, moved to Florida. After years of having grown up in the business, Tim opened his Lakeland air conditioning and heating company and honored his father by naming the business Eichenberger and Sons, Inc. Reaching a milestone of 90 years young, Ralph still works with the company on a daily basis. Today, Tim continues to offer the best services at fair prices just as his father did for more than 50 years.

Tim and his wife have two beautiful daughters.


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